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Resume :: Professional Experience

2003 - present ::
HeyZeus, Inc. - Founder, President / Sr. Information Architect

Founded HeyZeus to concentrate on the user experience design and the information architecture of projects. Worked hand in hand with clients such as Orbitz, CORE Evanston Northwestern Health, Jenner & Block, and Insurance Auto Auctions in the design of effective and usable web solutions. Since November 2004 HeyZeus is no longer incorporated and all contributions to projects have been on a not-for-profit basis.


2004 - present ::
European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop)- Systems librarian / Project manager area Communications, Information and Dissemination

Responsible for the configuration, management and functionality enhancements of the ALEPH Integrated Library System. Lead for all CID area databases and web development projects. In particular, redesigned web interaction of the VET-Bib database and the European Training Thesaurus (ETT). Setup authority control in ALEPH, implemented a solution to manage the multilingual European Training Thesaurus (ETT) and to enable its interoperability with other thesauri. Provided technical support for and contributed to agency-wide projects such as the Cedefop web portal project or the Contacts Database (CRM).

Camino Project logo

2001 - 2003 ::
Camino Project - Founder / President / Sr. Information Architect

Gathered an expert team of talented professionals to design user-centered and efficient web solutions. Worked with customers as an integral part of their teams through the full cycle of their web projects. Designed user-centered web applications for clients such as Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc., United Airlines, NASA, Jenner & Block, License Technologies Group, Packaging Corporation of America, and Mark Shale.


WDG logo

1999 - 2001 ::
Web Design Group - VP, Director Information Architecture

Implemented a company-wide web design and development process that greatly contributed to the emergence of WDG as one of Chicago's leading web development companies. Recruited, trained, mentored and provided leadership to a well-rounded team of highly qualified, dedicated information architects. Played an essential role in the growth of the WDG from a 15-person company with revenues of $980,000 in 1998 to a full-service 55-person web development and interactive marketing company with revenues over $3 million.

1996 - 1999 ::
Web Design Group, Inc. - Sr. Information Architect

Created own abstract prototyping and flowcharting notation. Developed e-commerce architectures and strategies for business-to-business and business-to-consumer applications for clients such as H20+, Learning Insights, Bioelements, and Mark Shale. Responsibilities included analyzing the information needs of Web Design Group clients, writing proposals, designing web solutions, and managing web development projects to successful implementation. Created and led one of the first departments of Information Architecture in the country. Elevated to partner in September 1997.



EIS logo

1996 - 1998 ::
European Information Services - Founder, Electronic Information Specialist

Home-based information brokering venture. European Information Services (EIS) specialized in European public procurement information and European Union Research and Technological Development (RTD) information.EIS global services included information retrieval, translation, as well as assistance and training in matters such as on-line database searching, navigating the Internet, Internet marketing, web site design, and HTML markup.



ZDS logo

1995 - 1996 ::
Zenith Data Systems - Internet / WWW Specialist

Managed the design, development and maintenance of ZDS web servers. Developed the Z-Connect Cyber Journal to offer service, support, public relations, and marketing opportunities to ZDS through the Internet. Responsible for the design of user-friendly hypertext document structures to ease information browsing and retrieval on the server. Worked with various ZDS organizations to ensure current and accurate information. Interactive Age Magazine included Z-Connect in its Top 10 Best of the Net Computer Makers (June 19, 1995). POINT Communications' Survey lists Z-Connect in the "Top 5% of all Web Sites".


ECHO logo

1992 - 1995 ::
European Commission Host Organization (Luxembourg) - Expert Responsible for Spain

Project manager of the first European Commission WWW server I'M-Europe. Responsibilities included design, coordination of the implementation process, and daily maintenance duties as webmaster. Responsible for all activities promoting the use of electronic information services in Spain. DBMA of various on-line databases. Gave presentations and training seminars on the ECHO databases, the CCL retrieval language, and Internet. Helpdesk via telephone and electronic mail for ECHO users worldwide.



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