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Services :: Glossary

Please find here a glossary of common phases, keywords and/or deliverables during our projects.

Content Guide ::

MS-Word guide based on the web site blueprint to assist the content development team provide content in electronic form. The content team will simply fill in the required fields of the content guide with approved content.



Controlled Vocabulary ::

Collection of preferred terms that are used to assist in more precise retrieval of content. Controlled vocabulary terms can be used for populating attribute values during indexing, building labeling systems, and creating style guides and database schema. One type of a controlled vocabulary is a thesaurus.



Creative Concept ::

Full-color creative concepts for the interface of the web site (each including home page and section page/s). The Creative concepts take into account the brand and navigation hierarchy and are based on the wireframes. These concepts are typically created with Photoshop or Illustrator and presented to the client as a .jpeg file.



Database data model ::

A visual representation of the data objects used in a business or other contexts and the identification of the relationships among them. Presented as an Entity-Relationship (ER) diagram.



Functionals ::

The purpose of the functional is to explicitly specify every aspect and behavior of every page in a site. This is a necessary step before coding may begin. The importance of this step lies in the fact that we all make assumptions about the detailed behavior that is lost in the gaps of the flowchart.



High-level Flow Chart ::

Similar to a site tree, this document describes the structure of the site and the main navigation paths. It is high-level and does not contain every page that will be in the final web site.



Usability Audit / Web site Evaluation ::

Also sometimes referred to as a heuristic or expert review, a usability audit is a thorough evaluation of your web site or application by an experienced usability consultant to identify barriers and recommend more user friendly solutions.



Usability Testing ::

Usability testing is the process of observing users performing real tasks with the application, recording what they do, analyzing the results, and recommending appropriate changes. One of the basic rules of usability is to watch what people actually do rather than listen to what they say they do.



User Acceptance Testing ::

User acceptance testing refers to the process of setting up criteria for the formal acceptance of our work. Testers designated by our customer execute the acceptance tests.



Wireframes ::

The purpose of a wireframe is to describe and detail the functional components that are on each page of your Web site. Each functional component is placed on the appropriate page of your Web site for review and walk-through. This helps us verify our user interaction and navigation design.





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